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July 25, 2010

Hello family and friends,

To those both near and far, we hope you are doing well and having a magnificent summer!  Be sure to go for a nice swim, drink some lemonade, and have an ice cream cone sometime in the near future.

As you might have deduced by this point, John and I have decided to start a blog. (Okay, I decided to start a blog, and John agreed.) In any case, we felt this would be a great way to keep in touch about work and school, tell stories, post pictures, and in general share about our lives. Since John is kept quite busy with school, I (Elena) will most likely be the writer for most of the posts, though John may jump in from time to time. 

The title of our blog was chosen to document that which might fit into the traditional category of adventure, such as travels, outdoor activities, and wild mishaps.  We have a few exciting trips coming up this month that we will be sure to tell you about–a trip to Grand Marais, Minnesota, and a trip to Ocean City, New Jersey to visit John’s family.  However, we also plan to write about our everyday adventures, like trying a new recipe, exploring a museum, or finding a great hiking trail. We believe all of life is an adventure and we are excited to see where our path leads.

Just to get us started, I want to tell you about an amazing experience we had mountain biking a few weeks ago. I recently bought a mountain bike to celebrate my new job, so John has been teaching me the joys of mountain biking. Previously, I had the same bike I had since I was about 13, so needless to say, it was not in great shape. I have discovered that I really enjoy riding the trails through the woods and seeing more scenery than I could capture on a hike. There is a really intense mountain biking trail near us in Eagan, with large rocky sections, logs embedded in the trail, banked turns, and the works. I’ve ridden this trail a few times now, and while I am definitely gaining more control during the tricky sections, I am always very grateful for my helmet. No wipeouts yet, but I will keep you informed. John is quite the master biker, having been mountain biking for years now, but he is very patient with me.

Anyway, a few weeks ago we were riding this particular trail at dusk. We had pulled over to the side to let a biker pass when John said, “Look there’s an owl!”  I looked up to see a beautiful owl fly from one tree to another, then perch on the limb and look down at us.  Then we saw another owl, and another. Finally, we heard a hoot behind us, and realized we were surrounded by four owls, perched on branches all around and looking at us. I had never seen an owl so close, let alone four, and it was truly amazing to witness. The scene was just breathtaking, with the owls, the fading light, the trees, and the joy of the bike ride. I wish I had a picture to show you, but at the same time, I know the magic of the moment could never be captured. Now it is just an awesome memory, one I’m not sure we’ll ever relive.

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