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We are…warriors!!

September 11, 2011

This past July, the Warrior Dash came to Minnesota. So naturally, John and I decided to do it. We had wanted to do the Muddy Buddies Ride and Run the previous year, but weren’t able to, so we didn’t want to let this opportunity pass us by. Plus I knew we had two friends crazy enough to do it with us–Lisa and Brian!

We fortunately had FANTASTIC weather the day of the event. We were hoping it would not be storming (like it had the day before!) or extremely hot (as it had been for most of the month!), and we really lucked out. After waking up very early, driving to the parking area, and hopping on a bus to Afton Alps, we arrived to find lots of mud–and lots of muddy people. 🙂

The race started with an extremely looooong and steep hill. For those who don’t know, Afton Alps is a ski area, and while I knew the event was taking place there, I didn’t expect we would actually be running up the ski slopes—but we did! There was not much dashing going on at those points… 🙂 The run was interspersed with various obstacles, like climbing through a junkyard, climbing various rope ladders, being blasted with ice cold water, sliding down a giant slip and slide, and jumping over fire. We took a waterproof disposable camera through the race so we could capture some of the insanity.

At the end of the race was a long mud pit. And just to make sure you got sufficiently muddy, they had barbed wire running over the top of the pit, forcing you to army crawl through the mud! So at the end, we looked like this! Would you believe John’s and Lisa’s shirts were originally white?

The cleanup procedures involved standing in front of snow machines that were blasting ice cold water. Not very pleasant, but effective!

We were thrilled with the overall experience. Would I recommend it? Absolutely!

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  1. September 12, 2011 3:45 am

    I have not idea why my “like” identity shows an angry face on a green background. But I think this whole thing is awesome and so you. Thanks for sharing!

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