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Scenes from September

September 25, 2012

September is THAT month. The month that says “So long summer” and “kiss your flip flops goodbye!”  However, September also welcomes in the fall, and that is a beautiful thing. I’ve been reminding myself lately to embrace each season–the seasons of life AND the seasons of the year. To do that, we’ve been spending lots of play time outside, enjoying the lingering warmth, but also the crisp mornings and the fresh breezes.

One of our favorite places of all time is the St. Paul Farmers’ Market (or really any farmers’ market, for that matter!). And the market is even better when stocked with all the yummy fall produce! We have to show up with a limited amount of cash to avoid buying way more than we need. We typically buy all of our produce and meat at the market, then just supplement with a few things from the co-op.

We love scoping everything out first to find the best looking produce at the best prices. I am especially suckered in by the winter squashes and of course, the apple cider–two of my favorite things about fall!

The flower displays at the market are to die for and oh-so-cheap. We love everything about the market!

A few weeks ago we took a Sunday canoe trip down the St. Croix River with sister Erica and friend Renee, starting in Taylor’s Falls and ending in Osceola. There’s nothing quite so perfect as an afternoon on the water, especially when good friends and yummy snacks are involved!

Would you look at that view???

We stopped at a little island in the middle of the river. While the three of us ladies tested our rock climbing skills and clambered to the top of the cliff, John was content to do a little fishing. It was absolutely an afternoon well spent.

And of course fall would just not be fall without a trip to an apple orchard. Though there are many large apple orchards nearby with a plethora of schmancy attractions, I kind of just like my orchards plain and simple–all about the apples. We visited Whisting Well Farm in Afton, MN, so named because when the wind blows just right, the well literally whistles–something we did not get to experience, but I take their word for it!

Just LOOK at the amazing abundance of apples. It took no time at all the fill our bags, despite our insistence on finding the biggest, juiciest, most flawless apples.

The two types we were able to pick were Haralson, a crisp, refreshing apple, and Honeygold, a big yellow sweet apple (developed by our very own University of Minnesota, no less!) Plus a bonus Honey Crisp, thrown in by the staff when we checked out.

Apple picking is one of my favorite fall activities, and a MUST each year. And what to do with them when we get home! So many options–apple crisp, apple muffins, applesauce, apples slices and pumpkin dip…love it all.

There’s (unfortunately!) not much of September left, but October will bring its own joys. Hope you, too, are having a blessed fall!

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