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March 20, 2014

Full confession: I struggle to be grateful daily. In the bitterness of my spirit, reflecting on the hardships and grief of the last year, I think, “Pssshhht-what do I have to be grateful for?” Because it has been such a truly traumatic year, I quickly look past what blessings exist and instead find the lack. Discontentment is a regular struggle, but I hate the person discontentment turns me into, so I’m working towards change. And when I think about it, I remember…

-The absolutely perfect match John is for me, and all the sweet ways he looks to serve me (the man makes me breakfast almost every day–I mean, come on!).

-Just a month after my dad died, I was offered my dream job–planning mission trips for ZOE, an international organization that runs an orphan empowerment program. Watch the video to learn more about where I work, and why it is so amazing!

-John has the opportunity to practice what he loves every day, while also getting people out of pain and giving the gift of a healthy life. Though starting a business is certainly not for the faint of heart, and I have days when I worry, God continues to show his faithfulness by sending new patients through our doors.

-My sister also got her dream job (manager of the community garden and learning farm at Camp Chestnut Ridge), and it just happens to be only 45 minutes away from us (when considering an essentially nationwide search). The coincidence does not pass me by.

-Though we don’t yet own a house (one of my sources of discontent), we do have an absolutely charming little rental duplex with a fireplace and back yard, a complete upgrade from apartment life!

-Our new location allows us the flexibility to drive to the ocean or mountains for an easy day or weekend trip. Plus the weather–can we talk about the weather?

-We have incredible friends and family. I cannot emphasize this enough. And you are all SO special to us.

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