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Hilton Head

August 13, 2015

Vacation is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Such a nice step away from “real life” into the type of life you wish you lived everyday! In May (yes, this post is a bit delayed!) we had the pleasure of vacationing in Hilton Head with John’s side of the family (minus Andrew and Krysta, who were missed!). May is an ideal time to visit because the temperatures are beautiful and the ocean is warm enough to swim, but it is still before the summer crowds have hit. We rented a big house a few rows in from the ocean, just a short walk from Coligny Circle (I highly recommend that part of the island!).Hilton Head 8


Vacation is different with a baby. There were things we missed, like the hours of boogie boarding and swimming we would have done previous to having a baby. And we didn’t plan any big adventures like the zip line tour or a dolphin cruise, like we might have done before. Brielle’s schedule forced us to slow down, relax, limit our activities, and get home early in the day. And it turns out, sometimes slowing down is nice and needed. Dips in the pool. Coffee on the balcony. Bike rides. Walks on the beach. Reading books. Checking out the shops. And of course a mandatory lunch stop at the Salty Dog Cafe.



IMG_1523It was fun to spend time as a family and watch Brielle take in the new environment. Brielle, as it turns out, is a little fish. With the genes she has, we are not surprised, but it was still fun to witness. Her favorite of all activities was being held so that the incoming waves would rush over her feet, at which point she would erupt in a fit of shrieks and giggles.



photo 2

She also could not get enough of her cousins Jack and Laura. She loved watching them, grinning at them, and stealing their toys. We even managed to get a picture of the three of them (not an easy feat for three squirming children!).


And though we didn’t book the dolphin cruise, the dolphins came to us. One morning at the beach we stood in the water and watched many, many dolphins swim within close range, one of which got within 15 feet of us. Breathtaking and awe-inspiring. One of those moments I’ll remember for life–a brush with wildlife I felt honored to witness.

So now we are back to the grind again, but we’re plotting our next adventures, with friends and then family. Outer Banks, North Carolina–we are coming at you TWICE in September!

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  1. Cathy Dyball permalink
    July 21, 2015 3:56 pm

    Thank you for the posting. So glad that you, John and Brielle are doing well. How fun to go to Hilton Head!

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